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Welcome to ChiselStrike!

ChiselStrike is a code-driven solution that enables you to quickly build and deploy your application’s backend. Use TypeScript to define your data model, and we will create and a scalable, serverless, secure backend. Build and test locally with our CLI, then deploy to our cloud simply by pushing to a GitHub branch.

ChiselStrike integrates easily with Gatsby, Next.js, or any of your preferred Jamstack frameworks. You can also use it standalone to build a backend for any application.


  • Automatic generation of a fully-functional CRUD API. You just define the entity model with TypeScript classes. The API can be customized to meet specific needs.
  • Create your own API endpoints with custom code.
  • End user authentication supported with NextAuth.js.
  • Data policy definitions with field- and user-level granularity.

Develop locally, deploy globally

Local development is facilitited with the ChiselStrike CLI, which runs a server chiseld on your machine. When you are satisfied with the way your backend works locally, you can configure ChiselStrike to observe a GitHub repository, and simply push the project code to your production branch to deploy it.

ChiselStrike's managed service handles scaling, upgrades, security, and data persistence. You invest nothing into traditional DevOps activities.


The ChiselStrike managed backend service is currently in beta.

Ready to get started?

  • We recommend beginning with the Getting Started tutorial, which provides step-by-step instructions to build and deploy your first ChiselStrike project.
  • Read the reference documentation for details on how the product works.
  • Join our Discord to chat with the team and others using ChiselStrike.