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Welcome to ChiselStrike!

We're so happy you're here! ChiselStrike is a new platform for developing and hosting data services. If you want to get a new frontend working with live data in production, ChiselStrike is going to be the fastest way.

All apps need data, but building services around them often involves crafting tedious boilerplate code, pondering schema design, query optimization, and laying out repetitive server side business logic. All of this gets in the way of building a compelling user-focused application and getting it out the door.

ChiselStrike enables you to remove complexity from full stack development - it creates your entire persistent layer (database, APIs, authentication) from simple TypeScript models. As a developer, you're off flying quickly, with half the code or less, and can devote most of your time to building compelling presentation layers.

ChiselStrike integrates easily with Gatsby, Next.js, or any of your favorite frameworks.


  • Do you need a simple CRUD application that just allows you to POST to and GET from multiple endpoints? We've got you covered!
  • Want to run some complex business logic in the API layer? No problem, it's fully customizable!
  • Want to connect to other microservices? A bit more Typescript and... done!
  • Need to protect confidential data and ensure consistent security? Our policy language will make this incredibly simple.

All-In-One Backend Hosting

When you're ready to move into production, the Chiselstrike hosted service deploys your backends directly from your GitHub repositories.

When hosting your apps on the ChiselStrike platform, we'll handle all scaling, upgrade, and data layer concerns. There's no need for any "devops", cloud architectures, scaling, monitoring, automation, or security work!

Interested? The service itself is currently in a private beta. Request an invite here.

Easy Local Development & Testing

For development, you can install ChiselStrike locally, allowing for easy local development and testing. This is a great way to try out all of the features, and it works 100% offline! When you're done, host the backend on our fully managed service, and use your favorite platform to deliver the frontend.

Ready To Get Started?

Throughout the next chapters, we'll show you how things work!