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Version: 0.14

Data modeling

Data modeling is the process of designing the structure and contents of persistent data in your application. With ChiselStrike, you express the data model using one or more entities defined by TypeScript classes.

Automatically generated CRUD API

After defining an entity using a subclass of ChiselEntity and declaring an route using the crud() function on that entity, ChiselStrike will automatically generate a CRUD API that provides read and write access to the data represented by that entity. The API includes query operations that allow filtering, sorting, ordering, and limiting query results. This CRUD API is commonly used in Jamstack projects at build time to prerender dynamic content, or in frontend code to dynamically query entities in response to user activity in the app.

TypeScript API

Subclasses of ChiselEntity inherit a TypeScript API that provides read and write access to use in your backend route code. This avoids the need for your route to make HTTP requests to the generated CRUD API, which is inefficient.