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Version: 0.15

Entity TypeScript API


This is the documentation for working with entities from route code within the ChiselStrike backend. For the web and nodejs applications, use the TypeScript client API.

When writing backend routes to build an API for your app, it's common to programmatically access entity data and use it to generate a response to the caller. It's possible to use the generated REST API for your entities, but this incurs unnecessary overhead of calling back into your backend API, and without the benefit of having type information from your entity classes. Instead, use ChiselStrike's TypeScript API for each entity class to read and write entity instances directly from your route code.

Subclasses of ChiselEntity have a collection of functions and methods that allow you to create, read, update, and delete entity instances, as well as perform more complex queries using cursors. It is assumed in this section of the documentation that you are already familiar with data modeling in ChiselStrike to build subclasses of ChiselEntity.

The TypeScript API works only in the context of a route. It can't be used independently.