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Release notes

0.13 (October 20, 2022)

API changes

  • BREAKING CHANGE: The endpoint API has been replaced with an improved routing API. The now a RouteMap API supports path-based parameters and allows you to specify routes by HTTP method and path. See the documentation for details.

  • ✨ Entities now support indirect entity relationship references using the Id type. Indirect references store the string ID of the referred entity and are not eagerly loaded.

  • ✨ Entities now support native JavaScript Date objects for properties.

  • ✨ Feature preview of TypeScript policies.

CLI changes

  • ✨ The create-chiselstrike-app tool now generates a Dockerfile for building Docker images of your ChiselStrike application. This is useful for deployment to Kubernetes,, and others services that accept containers.

Internal changes

  • 🐛 Fixed Node.js compatibility issues. Many npm packages such as Axios resulted in errors such as Error: Dynamic require of "buffer" is not supported on ChiselStrike. The problem is now fixed with Deno's Node polyfills imported into the ChiselStrike runtime.

  • ✨ Deno upgraded to v1.25.4.

  • 🛠 The runtime has had significant re-work under the hood, which is a prerequisite for improving stability and performance.